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Why Is Training so Important ?

Training is a branch of the human resource function of an organisation. Training and development is important because it leads to an optimum utilization of the human resources of a firm. Employees’ skills are developed leading to an increase in output and quality improvements. Morale and team spirit among employees is also built.

How do I get a training course ?

For taking a course, you need to register yourself first. After the completion of registration procedure, you can choose any course as per your choice.

What do I need to do to register for a training course ?

To get yourself registered, all you need to do is to go for ‘Register’ located at the top with menus. Now, press ‘Register’ then after filling all the fields correctly you will be registered.

I can't take training course I registered for previously, what should I do ?

If you are unable to take taht course you registered for previously, please cancel your registration. Because courses are limited and cancelling your registration will allow someone else to take that course.

How do I get the study material for a particular training course ?

To get the study material for a particular course, you need to take that course and get yourself registered first.

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